Our mission is to create value through increased production
and rehabilitation of our legacy oil fields utilizing full cycle development.

Latest Press Release


Wednesday, May 07, 2014
Enhanced Oil Resources Provides Operations Update

The Company is pleased to announce that it has successfully executed an extension of its CO2 take or pay contract with Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, L.P…

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Full Cycle Development

Phase I - Infill drilling/horizontals
Horizontal Infill Drilling - Increase oil production and reserves through the continuation of a horizontal infill drilling program at the Milnesand and Chaveroo Fields. Sixty potential horizontal infill locations within the two fields with a potential of 3,000+ BOPD.
Phase II - Waterflood
Reservoir Re-pressurization - Further increase production through the continuation of horizontal infill drilling program and begin re-pressurizing the reservoir.
Phase III - CO2 enhanced oil recovery
CO2 Flood - CO2 EOR flood at the Milnesand Field and 6,000 acre “sweet spot” in Chaveroo Field. Potential production of 5,000 BOPD.

Our Goals

  • .
  • Achieve annual increases in production and reserves
  • Constantly improve upon our commitment to safe and responsible exploration and production practices
  • Preserve cash flow through thoughtful and efficient execution of every task
  • Establish ourselves as a responsible and engaged steward in the communities where we operate