Our mission is to create value through increased production
and rehabilitation of our legacy oil fields utilizing full cycle development.

Full Cycle Development

Phase I - Infill drilling/horizontals
Horizontal Infill Drilling - Increase oil production and reserves through the continuation of a horizontal infill drilling program at the Milnesand and Chaveroo Fields. Sixty potential horizontal infill locations within the two fields with a potential of 3,000+ BOPD.
Phase II - Waterflood
Reservoir Re-pressurization - Further increase production through the continuation of horizontal infill drilling program and begin re-pressurizing the reservoir.
Phase III - CO2 enhanced oil recovery
CO2 Flood - CO2 EOR flood at the Milnesand Field and 6,000 acre “sweet spot” in Chaveroo Field. Potential production of 5,000 BOPD.

Our Goals

  • .
  • Achieve annual increases in production and reserves
  • Constantly improve upon our commitment to safe and responsible exploration and production practices
  • Preserve cash flow through thoughtful and efficient execution of every task
  • Establish ourselves as a responsible and engaged steward in the communities where we operate